Line Dimensions

These are what I personally use for line lengths. I uses a 3:1 main, w/ a double block at the boom (allowed by the rules). Explaining a double-ended topping lift is beyond the scope of this page, but it is highly recommended, not for the leverage, but because you can adjust it from the wire.

Your mileage may vary, but I don't think anybody uses the factory line specs, so this is probably a better starting point than that.

Note also that some of these are in millimeters and some are in inches. This is because some of the line that I choose is sized in mm.

jib sheet 19'6" 5/16"
main sheet (2:1) 23'4" 5/16"
(3:1) 29'8" 5/16"
spinnaker sheet - light 32' 4mm
spinnaker sheet - all-purpose 32' 5mm
spinnaker sheet - heavy 32' 6mm
spin halyard 50' 4mm
topping lift (2x end - top) 18' 1/8"
(2x end - bottom) 12' 3/16"
topping lift (1x ended) 20' 3/16"
jib cunningham 9'7" 3/16"
main cunningham 5' 3/16"
traveler 17' 3/16"
outhaul unsure
main halyard unsure - 42'? 5mm
jib halyard factory order - wire
vang 11'6"* 3/16"

* This is for the double-purchase vang rigging, and assumes two shackles between the mast and the lower cleat. Removing one shackle will add as much as 2' to the line length requirement because of all the purchase.