Diamond Wire These instructions are for a professional rigger. He or she will have to determine the actual parts from the picture below; some dimensions are not intended to be crtical, rather they are just here to help identify the correct components.

Attachment: Note that the diamonds attach to the same through-bolt as the trapezes, and they have to be attached with Y-shaped tangs. It is essential that the load on the clevice pin is perpendicular to the pin, and the Y-tangs are designed to ensure this.

Warning: I cannot guarantee these specifications are exactly right. I have done the best I can to measure a brand new OEM Laser 2 diamond wire from Vanguard Sailboats (now LaserPerformance). If you use this information for your own boat, it is your responsibility to determine that what you or your rigger builds is sufficient for the task.

The key dimensions are:

Other helpful dimensions are: