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Just a couple tie-offs, one around the mast, or to the center bag fairlead, the other to the port bag fairlead. If you don't have these, screw a couple eyestraps in. It's a little hard to tell here, but... 1) Since the sock overlaps itself at the base of the hoop, it does here on the bottom too. This is so you don't have to bother stitching the length of the sock. Thus, the tie-line is going through three layers on one side here - top, bottom, and overlap (also bottom). The other side goes through two layers - I pinched the top & bottom together so there would be more material. I should have used grommets, but I wanted to go sailing. Also, I left an inch of slack in the material on the top here, to make a little more room for the buched-up kite to be in there.