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The finished product. You can click on any of these images to get one that's so big it won't fit on your screen. All together, I think this entire project cost under $40, including not only materiels, but the grommet tool and the PVC cement. That's ironic since a turtle bag costs $75. I got the material from The Rain Shed (http://www.therainshed.com). They don't have much online, so just call them. I don't remember the material. But if you call them up and tell them some guy named Dorfman ordered 4 feet of waterproof mesh in about late June '03 (in green), I'm sure they'll tell you what it is - it rocks, and cost like $12. The PVC pipe & parts came from a local hardware store. They were even nice enough to cut the pipe for me since I don't have a vice.