Hey Everyone,

Here are the pictures from the 2005 Newport Regatta. Thanks a ton to Roland for driving our "coach boat" and to Elizabeth for being our shutterbug.

You'll find there aren't many pictures of Kevin/Emily or Brett/Sarah, because apparently the powerboat couldn't keep up with them!

Ok, there are over 200 pictures in total, so I've created an album with some of the highlights. There is a small and a medium sized version of it depending on your display size (and your connection speed I suppose). When you click on the thumbnails, you'll get a larger version of that photo.

Then there's an album with everything and I mean everything; This is a single page with smaller thumbnails of all 200+ images, and when you click on those thumbnails, you'll get the full-sized version of that photo. In most cases, this will be way to big for your screen. So this is useful if you want to print or edit one - and of course you may find great pictures in here that I didn't include in the albumn.

And finally, there is the entire archive for download. This is a single file that will extract into a directory on your computer with all of the images in it.

note: There are several pages in the album, and each thumbmail is a link to a larger image.

So, without further ado...