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2005 Newport Regatta

The annual Newport Regatta, held on magnificent Narragansett Bay, is the biggest one-design regatta on the east coast. In 2003, I made a requeste of the hosting organization, Sail Newport, to have a Laser 2 class. They agreed to let us race with less than the minimum fleet size for two years. After that, we had to have meet the minimum fleet size like everyone else. For two years, we raced with six boats, and everyone had a blast. Now we have to step up to the plate and get 12 boats together.

I specifically targeting this event towards Laser 2 owners and sailors who have either never raced, or who haven't raced in so long that they've forgotten how much fun it is. Competition will be easy going, with an attitude of and emphasis on helping each other out. If you're sold, please email me with your contact info (includ phone and home location or "port").

If you like Laser Twos, but don't think racing is for you, you are so wrong - and the whole purpose of this event is to show you that a regatta is fun in countless ways of which you have never even dreamt. I never even guessed myself, until I did it.

I had so much fun, despite being an extremely amature racer, at both the 2002 Laser Two Europeans, and CORK 2002, that I've decided somebody needs to bring the world of racing to the recreational Laser 2 sailer. These days, most Laser 2 owners in the US don't see themselves as racers. They don't particularly care about winning some random competition, and they probably think they don't stand much of a chance at it anyway, so they figure there's no point. In some cases, they just never even thought about it (this was me back in '00). Here are just a few of the reasons it blew me away: