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Spinnaker & Trapeze Fun Day

This is a clinic for people that know how to sail, and think Laser 2's are cool - but sail alone, or with crews that have not sailed Laser 2's. I've learned that many people with Laser 2's are "islands." Frequently, they are afraid of the very things that make their boat so exciting to them - the trapeze and the spinnaker.

This is really what all of this is truly about. After barely more than a week of Laser 2 regattas, I learned everything I was not able to teach myself in three years of owning Laser 2's - and that was without a lesson, but rather by being thrown into the fire, and then talk about it over a beer afterwards.

The goal of this clinic is to:

  1. Tell you all the things that make the spinnaker & trapeze easy
  2. Show you that they're really no trouble, so you can believe it with your own eyes
  3. Let you try it with a chase boat right there to coach you
  4. Give you an experienced crew to watch
  5. Give you an experienced skipper to drive while you practice
  6. Enable you to use these new skills in the Newport Regatta with us!
It is to give you in one day what took me three years to figure out on my own. You won't come out of it an expert on any of it. But you will come out of it knowing that you've done it well enough to have fun, and knowing enough to be able to figure out what to practice at. Along the way, you will learn invaluable rigging tips and get to see first hand how they make the difference between thinking all the Laser 2's tricks are just fantasy, and knowing that you can use them whenever you want.

We will do a clinic the day before the Newport Regatta. We are considering doing one some tim ein late June.