State of the Laser Two Class in North America

There is organization, and then there is sailing. As for organization of the Laser 2 Class... in North America, I am it. As for sailing, there is a lot of Laser 2 sailing in Canada, particularly Ontario.

In the US, the 2006 Newport Regatta will be the fourth Laser 2 competition this century. In 2005 we had 14 boat compete. This year we have aspirations of 20 competitors. In Newport we also will attempt to have weekly local regattas during the summer, and most likely we will repeat our fall "beer can" regatta in late September.

I am in contact with Laser 2 owners in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Chicago, New York, and New Jersey, not to mention New England. If you're looking for somebody to get together with in any of these areas, email me. And I'll put you in touch with them. It is very easy to attract people to the Laser 2 - if you have two boats in your area and a few friends, you can have 5 boats before you know it, and that's legitimately a small fleet.

In Canada, no class organization is necessary because the national sailing organization, CYA, is very strong, and there are regular multi-class dinghy regattas in many provinces. There may be a regatta not too far from you with other Laser 2's, or if you can get 5 or so boats together, you will definitely be able to find a club that will give you a start at one of their existing regattas.